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    Dr Raul ANDRADE

    Prof Guruprasad AITHAL
    Vice Chair

    Dr Rossella MAGLI
    Science officer

    Ms Nathalie WARENGHIEN
    Administrative officer

    Dr. Dean Naisbitt

    Dr. Dean Naisbitt


    Biosketch University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)

    • After completing a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship, joined the Liverpool Pharmacology Faculty in 2003.
    • Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor status were awarded in 2007, 2012 and 2017. He currently leads Immunopharmacology research in the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science.
    • Has developed practical and conceptual means to combine aspects of genetics, cell biology and chemistry in order to study the fundamental principles of immunological drug reactions.
    • He has established sophisticated platforms to study emerging drug safety issues with an immune pathogenesis using HLA-typed lymphocytes isolated from drug-naïve volunteers and patients.
    • He is a Fellow of the British Pharmacology Society and has been awarded 15 prizes for achievements in research and academia (including, the ISSX New Investigator Award in 2009,  the Novartis prize from British Pharmacological Society in 2012 and the American Chemical Society Chemical Research in Toxicology prize in 2014).
    • He has published over 130 research articles and has served on the Editorial Advisory Board of Chemical Research in Toxicology.