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    Main Contacts  Pro EuroDILINet

    General enquiries:

    Dr Raul ANDRADE

    Prof Guruprasad AITHAL
    Vice Chair

    Dr Rossella MAGLI
    Science officer

    Ms Nathalie WARENGHIEN
    Administrative officer

    Dr Simona Stankevičiūtė

    Dr Simona Stankevičiūtė

    Leader WG5

    Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania)

    2018-08-01 Licensed Physician Clinical Pharmacologist
    2014-08-01 – 2018-07-31 Residency of Clinical Pharmacology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas (Lithuania)
    2008-09-01 –2014-07-01 Master of Biomedical Sciences, Medical Doctor
     Work experience
    2017-05-24 – present Nomination of expert in the activities of European Medicines Agency. Assessing dossiers for centrally registered medicinal products, providing scientific advice, participating in other European Medicines Agency procedures (e.g. Article 30)
    2018-07-01 – present Lecturer at Vilnius University. Teaching Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology.
    2017-03-28 – present Expert in project of Health Technology Assessment, State Medicines Control Agency. Reviewing the current Lithuanian medicines reimbursement system, assessing the medicinal value of medicines applying to be reimbursed in Lithuania.
    2014-07-01 – 2018-07-31 Medical Doctor, working as a physician in Hospital of Lithuanian University Health Sciences, Kaunas Clinics.
    2016-01-16 – 2018-01-12 Chairlady; Lithuanian Junior Doctors. Attending meetings and representing Lithuanian Junior Doctors position; strategic planning of the Association activities