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    Main Contacts  Pro EuroDILINet

    General enquiries:

    Dr Raul ANDRADE

    Prof Guruprasad AITHAL
    Vice Chair

    Dr Rossella MAGLI
    Science officer

    Ms Nathalie WARENGHIEN
    Administrative officer

    Jane Grove (PhD.)

    Jane Grove (PhD.)


    Co- Leader (

    Assistant Professor

    Hepatology Research Group at the University of Nottingham,

    NIHR Nottingham BRC and Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node (UK).


    ØScientist: >15 years research experience in molecular genetics and biochemistry.

    ØResearch focus: the genetics of liver disease and the identification of non-invasive biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring and stratification for treatment with the goal of improving patient care (2013-). H-index: 23.

    ØTeaching and public engagement experience.

    ØNottingham Digestive Disease Biobank manager & clinical study developer;                Biorepository coordinator for EASL-funded Pro-Euro DILI Registry.

    ØPhD awarded in 1996 – School of Biochemistry at Birmingham University (UK)

    ØPost-doctoral research experience – biomedical genetic projects :

    Ø  genetic basis of liver disease with Ann Daly & Chris Day, Newcastle University (UK)

    Ø  translational research in viral pro-drug therapy  (ML Labs, UK)

    Ø  DNA repair processes & H.pylori secretion/delivery systems (Nottingham)