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    Main Contacts  Pro EuroDILINet

    General enquiries:

    Dr Raul ANDRADE

    Prof Guruprasad AITHAL
    Vice Chair

    Dr Rossella MAGLI
    Science officer

    Ms Nathalie WARENGHIEN
    Administrative officer

    Prof. Gerd A Kullak Ublick.

    Prof. Gerd A Kullak Ublick.


    Leader (

    University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland)


    • Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Director of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, University Hospital Zurich
    • Head of the regional pharmacovigilance centre at the University Hospital Zurich
    • Global Head of Mechanistic Safety and Chair of the Hepatic Safety Team, Novartis Global Drug Development
    • Work package lead of the DILI work package in the IMI SAFE-T consortium and the IMI TransBioLine consortium
    • The risk of DILI is strongly dependent on the drug administered and on host factors that determine the individual response. Risk stratification should focus on the following:
      • Characterization of the risk profile and mechanism of toxicity of newer hepatotoxic agents, e.g. tyrosine kinase inhibitors or immune checkpoint inhibitors
      • Evaluation of novel biomarkers for DILI for the prediction of severe DILI in patients
      • Investigation of individual susceptibility factors that anticípate a risk for DILI