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    CIOMS Consensus report on DILI now available

    CIOMS Consensus report on DILI now available
    02/02/2019 Aurelie Papineau

    The new CIOMS Working group Consensus report on Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is now available!

    The report was produced by leading DILI experts from drug regulation, industry and research globally. DILI is a growing challenge because of the ever-increasing number of products used in medical care. DILI is rare but can be serious and is largely unpredictable. The CIOMS consensus report provides a critical framework and essential set of tools to detect, diagnose and manage DILI during drug development and post-marketing.

    Several number of COST Action 17-112 PRO-EURO DILI NETWORK members contributed to it.

    The report in PDF format is freely available here: