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    02/01/2018 Aurelie Papineau

    Our last speaker was Lauryna Aukštikalnė, M.D., senior clinical pharmacology resident from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital Kaunas Clinics where they give consultations on many drug related situations, including adverse drug reactions and DILI. Therefore, participation in COST Pro-EURO-DILI activities is strongly beneficial for her professional purposes. Last year, when the COVID pandemic significantly limited international internships, she still had an opportunity to participate in a Short Term Scientific Mission at the University of Malaga, Spain. In the Young Investigators Seminar Series she is going to talk about her experience during STSM and will present what they have accomplished during the stay.

    Date: 20th October, at 16.30h (CEST)

    Guest: Lauryna Aukštikalnė


    The speaker was Goran Bokan, MD from the UCC RS of Banja Luka.

    Future perspectives in DILI-nisation: How to save the liver?

    Date: 16th September, at 16.30h (CEST)

    Guests: Goran Bokan


    The speakers was Ismael Alvarez and Hao Niu from the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology at Malaga University, IBIMA, who will be addressing an important topic on translational research in DILI

    Clinical Trials and Drug-Induced Liver Injury: what have we learnt and where can we go.

    As members of the working group on: Design and Endpoints in Clinical DILI Investigations and Trials, they have led a systematic review with meta-analysis on the treatment and prevention of DILI which may pave the way to set up an international multicentre research network to investigate the effectiveness of known and novel interventions that could improve clinical outcomes of DILI.

    Date: 15th JULY, at 16.30h (CEST)

    Guests: Ismael Alvarez, Hao Niu


    Our first guest was Nuria López-Alcántara who left Javier Cubero´s lab to enjoy a short term scientific-mission (STSM) in the laboratory of Oleg Lunov at the Institute of Physics in Prague (Czech Republic). She narrated her experience and learning, discussed the methods/ techniques used and what she aims to develop further in the future.

    Date: 17th JUNE, at 16.30h (CEST)

    Guest: Nuria López-Alcántara